Advadri Apparel: Underarm Sweat-Proof Undershirts and Camisoles

sweat guards   sweat guards   sweat guards   sweat guards
Disposable sweat guards; Brazabra, Behind the Seams, Garment Guards.

SWEAT-PROOF innovative undershirts and camisoles that provide armpit protection for outer apparel. DriRx™ Technology ensures that sweat will not pass thru the ADVADRI® sweat guards.

ADVADRI, sweat guards   

Crew Neck Undershirt:   5   7   |   V-Neck Undershirt:   5   7
Vee Crop Top Camisole   5   7  |   Scoop Crop Top Camisole   5   7  |   Classic Top Camisole   5   7
Oval Style Sweat Guards   2   5   7   |   Quick Style Sweat Guards   2   5   7
Double Face Adhesive Flash Tape
Brazabra   |   Behind the Seams   |   Garment Guards

High quality 100% Combed Cotton Fabric.

Camisoles, Sweat Guards and Undershirts are made of 100% combed cotton fabric. It is a very high quality cotton fabric, with a thread count of 28 threads per square inch. This high thread count helps absorb sweat & offers a soft comfortable feel. Machine wash in cold water with like colors.  Tumble dry. Minimal shrinkage after washing and drying.


COTTON is cooling, soft, and comfortable.  Cotton "breathes".  The cotton fiber is from the cotton plant’s seedpod.  The fiber is hollow in the center and, under a microscope looks like a twisted ribbon.  This fiber absorbs and releases perspiration quickly, thus allowing the fabric to "breathe".  Cotton can stand high temperatures and takes dyes easily.   Chlorine bleach can be used to restore white garments to a clear white but this bleach may yellow chemically finished cottons or remove color in dyed cottons.   Boiling and sterilizing temperatures can also be used on cotton without disintegration.  Cotton can also be ironed at relatively high temperatures, stands up to abrasion and wears well.


camisoles with sweat guards cami crop tops with sweat guards cami-vee with sweat guards undershirts with sweat guards
Women's Camisoles
with concealed sweat guards
CamiDri Crop Tops
with concealed sweat guards
CamiDri Vee
with concealed sweat guards
Sweatguard-Tee Undershirts
with concealed sweat guards


QuickShields Oval Style  Sweat Guards

Sweat-Resistant QuickShield® Two elastic arm straps.

Sweat-Proof Oval Sweat Guard

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