Advadri Apparel: Underarm Sweat-Proof Undershirts and Camisoles

sweat guards   sweat guards   sweat guards   sweat guards
Disposable sweat guards; Brazabra, Behind the Seams, Garment Guards.

SWEAT-PROOF innovative undershirts and camisoles that provide armpit protection for outer apparel. DriRx™ Technology ensures that sweat will not pass thru the ADVADRI® sweat guards.

ADVADRI, sweat guards   

Crew Neck Undershirt:   5   7   |   V-Neck Undershirt:   5   7
Vee Crop Top Camisole   5   7  |   Scoop Crop Top Camisole   5   7  |   Classic Top Camisole   5   7
Oval Style Sweat Guards   2   5   7   |   Quick Style Sweat Guards   2   5   7
Double Face Adhesive Flash Tape
Brazabra   |   Behind the Seams   |   Garment Guards

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Real Company is our parent company since 1991, founded in Seattle Washington.

We started developing our unique patented clothing line with underarm Dri-Shields® in 1996. First sale of our clothing online was in the year 2000.

Our outer clothing with underarm Dri-Shields® patent pending technology has been developing since the year 2000. We are the forerunners of Dri-Shield® technology.

We are the original owners of our patents and trademarks; AdvantageWear®, ComfyShields®, ComfyShirt®, Dri-Shields®, EasyShields®, QuickShields®, SecureShields®, SnapShields®, Sweatguard-Tee®.

We have never been bought or sold. Our company is known as being trusted and honorable by our customers and business associates. Our mission is to provide you with the most exceptional value on products you can find today. We want your shopping experience with us to be as simple and convenient as possible. We value your business and realize you have a choice in today's marketplace. Our goal is to begin and develop a long term business relationship with you that will exceed your satisfaction.

Tens of thousands of customers have already taken advantage of our patented and patent pending clothing line. Great for protecting outer clothing; dress shirts, blouses, suits, dresses, costumes, uniforms, scrubs, formal wear, corporate apparel, bridal wear, blazers, suit jackets, and just everyday casual clothing.

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