Advadri Apparel: Underarm Sweat-Proof Undershirts and Camisoles

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Disposable sweat guards; Brazabra, Behind the Seams, Garment Guards.

SWEAT-PROOF innovative undershirts and camisoles that provide armpit protection for outer apparel. DriRx™ Technology ensures that sweat will not pass thru the ADVADRI® sweat guards.

ADVADRI, sweat guards   

Crew Neck Undershirt:   5   7   |   V-Neck Undershirt:   5   7
Vee Crop Top Camisole   5   7  |   Scoop Crop Top Camisole   5   7  |   Classic Top Camisole   5   7
Oval Style Sweat Guards   2   5   7   |   Quick Style Sweat Guards   2   5   7
Double Face Adhesive Flash Tape
Brazabra   |   Behind the Seams   |   Garment Guards

CamiDri® Vee with  Sweat Guards

ADVADRI® Vee Crop Top Camisolea

US Patent 6,282,720
Camisole with sweat guards.
Made of high quality cotton fabric for absorbency. Trimmed with cotton bias tape with elastic bottom. 

Recommended by physicians to protect against sweat & odor. No sewing, no pinning; just put it on & enjoy comfort all day.

100% combed cotton 7.5 oz jersey. This shirt will wear well and retain its original shape after multiple washings. Stitching of the sweat guards is very discreet. Machine washable; saves time and money on dry-cleaning.

Uniquely designed with concealed stitching of the sweat guards.

Item #
$16.99 CAV-0 Without Sweat Guards
$25.99 CAV-5 Heavy Sweat Guard Protection
$25.99 CAV-2 Sweat Guard Protection w/Sweatproof Barrier

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